How To Choose The Best US Mint Proof Sets

US State Quarters mint proof set.US Mint Proof Sets

When new US mint proof sets come out, they often give consumers things that they can’t get anywhere else. For example, in 1999, the US Mint began releasing sets of quarters that were geared around the 50 states. This was independent of the normal proof sets for other coins. Five were released each month for different states, and people could collect the silver coins as they came out in the hopes of eventually owning quarters from all 50 states. Some people chose to buy them right away, as a group, while others searched around as they got change back at the store and kept the ones that they needed for their collection.

Even if you do not want to get a special edition like the 50 States edition, you can buy proof sets for many coins that are minted in the United States. It’s best to do this through a reputable precious metals dealer since you are guaranteed to get all the right coins at competitive prices. Many of them are difficult to just go find on your own, as people often found out when they tried to do that with the 50 States edition. That was a common one, so an uncommon set would be even more difficult to get. No matter how you do it, though, the big question to ask is why you would want to get the sets in the first place.

Proof Quality Collectors Coin Editions

There are a few reasons to collect silver coins, and the main one is just for the sake of collecting and possibly for investment. In much the same way that some people collect books or guns, you can collect US mint proof sets. There are enough variations in the quality of separate coins and you could end up with a small fortune invested in your collection, and so as you grow your particular collection, it will grow to be quite unique. Collections are a great conversation starter. Once you get started, you will see that collecting coins can be very exciting and addictive.

American Eagle Gold Proof SetsAn Investment in the Future

Perhaps you think that collecting for the sake of it really isn’t worth your time. If so, you will be glad to know that certain coins can be used as an investment. The value of a coin or complete set, is going to be vastly higher than the price of the individual coins. You could save the entire set for twenty years and then sell it for a great profit. Year by year, the value of silver coins continues to rise, and over the long term you can actually build some substantial wealth in precious metals.

The Benefits of Your Proof Coin Investments

In many ways, investing in silver is similar to investing in gold or any other type of precious metal. Silver coins will retain their value over time, and if you think of it as a bet, it’s a way better bet than investing in the stock market. If you have extra money to spare right now and you want to increase your overall wealth, this is a good way to go. Stocks are a pretty much a gamble, but investing in precious metals means that you have a safe way to build wealth. Silver bullion is inexpensive to get into when you buy American Silver Eagles, for example.

The reason that investing in US mint proof sets is safe and secure is that your money will never drop so far down that it is worth nothing. Neither gold nor silver has ever been worth nothing. To boot, the silver content itself has an inherent value that will never be lost. Just like gold, silver is a limited resource. Inflation can ruin the value of your currency while more bills are being printed, but there is only so much silver in the world. The stock market can fold, and you’ll know you have something that will never be valued at zero.

Uncirculated Silver American Eagle Dollar CoinInvesting In Silver With a Modest Income

Another good reason to invest in silver is because you can purchase an ounce of silver at a time on a modest income. You can start with under $30*. Over time you’ll have gathered a collection together you can feel good about. Did you know that many stock market brokers will not even let you start a portfolio unless you have around $10,000? While it would be great to have that, not everyone is in a position where they can begin at that level. Starting small and growing your coin collection can be fun and very rewarding.

Rare US mint proof setBuying Rare Proof Sets

As you can see, buying silver coins can be great for a lot of different reasons. The rarer the set that you own, the more it is going to be worth. Carefully consider what mint set works best for you. Then get started. Coin collecting is not only fun, it can become lucrative and help you build wealth. Plus, it’s a whole lot of good clean fun.

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