What Is A Gold Backed IRA?

The Popularity Of Gold

There are many types of retirement investment programs available and having a precious metals option makes setting up your IRA much more appealing. Gold-backed IRAs are becoming very popular lately due to the decrease in confidence in the dollar, inflation, and other factors. We’ve come a long way with gold, though. Long gone are the days of panning and mining for gold just to carry a little around with you.

gold ira rollover

The IRS allows specific types of IRAs called “self-directed” IRAs to hold gold, silver, platinum, and palladium that are specifically IRS-approved. By definition, these types of IRAs allow the IRA holder to choose where funds will be invested. A self-directed IRA also gives you the flexibility to invest in stocks, bonds, and other investments of your selection.

Trends toward gold-backed IRA’s and other hard asset-based IRA’s are going up because they are tangible assets, which are far more desirable than paper assets. Purchasing gold is a secure form of investment, having never (ever) been worth nothing, making gold IRA’s one of the most popular retirement investment options. Gold can be purchased as coins, bullion, stocks, bars, and mutual funds. These assets can be acquired by paying cash or doing a rollover of a normal IRA account.

Make sure your IRA contains IRS-approved metals!

Here are some examples of IRS approved metals:

IRS Approved Gold For IRA’s:

gold backed IRA image for IRS approved IRA gold

•    American Eagle coins
•    Australian Kangaroo/Nugget coins
•    Australian Lunar Series coins
•    Austrian Philharmonic coins
•    British Britannia (2013 and newer)
•    Canadian Maple Leaf coins
•    Chinese Panda coins
•    Credit Suisse – PAMP Suisse Bars
•    U.S. Buffalo Bullion coins
•    Various bars and rounds .995

IRS Approved Silver:

silver approved for IRA from IRS

•    America The Beautiful coins
•    American Eagle coins
•    Australian Kookaburra coins
•    Austrian Vienna Philharmonic coins
•    British Britannia (2013 and newer)
•    Canadian Maple Leaf coins
•    Chinese Panda coins
•    Mexican Libertad coins
•    Various bars and rounds .999

IRS Approved Platinum:

platinum IRA

•    American Eagle coins
•    Australian Koala coins
•    Canadian Maple Leaf coins
•    Various bars .9995

IRS Approved Palladium:

•    Canadian Maple Leaf coins
•    Various bars .9995

Examples of Metals NOT Approved By The IRS:


•    Rare or collectible coins, including certified or “graded” coins
•    Austrian Corona
•    Belgian 20 Franc
•    British Britannia (pre-2013)
•    Chilean 100 Peso
•    Dutch 10 Guilder
•    French 20 Franc
•    Hungarian 100 Korona
•    Italian 20 Lira
•    Mexican 50 Peso
•    South African Krugerrand
•    Swiss 20 Franc
•    U.S. Buffalo Proof
•    U.S. Liberty

Rolling Over an Existing IRA to a Gold-Backed IRA

A simple rollover of funds from an existing IRA into a self-directed IRA makes the magic happen. When this transfer is applied for it will take place within a specified time period. A gold IRA rollover to secure your retirement can offer peace of mind and make a huge impact on your future. History reveals that gold maintains its value regardless of economic environments and is almost always in high demand. Owning gold is one of the oldest and most secure investments in existence.

When you decide to go ahead with a gold IRA rollover the existing retirement account is converted into an individual retirement account. This allows the account holder to maintain a tax-deferred status, which allows more retirement investment opportunities. Investing retirement money can be overwhelming and often confusing. To relieve the uneasiness of choosing the right company to assist with investments it is wise to check out their reputation with the BBB. After finding a company that is stable and dependable then the process can begin to secure a retirement future.

There are specific rules that gold must meet in order to qualify as a legal and secure investment. Before investing make sure the gold passes all set standards for purity and eligibility. People are moving to secure a future in gold, and considering the current condition of the economy around the globe, it’s probably a wise financial move. Learn as much as possible about Gold IRAs and do your due diligence to find a reliable company to work with.

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