Financial Literacy In Today’s World

Personal Financial Literacy

Today’s market is harder to navigate than ever, and financial literacy seems to mean something different practically every day. People looking to create a source of income for retirement or even daily life cannot merely rely on advisers to make it through the process of investing for the future. Instead, investors should strive to be financially literate without help. Taking control of your own portfolio means not only knowing the ins and outs of the investment world but what you can do to maximize your own gains and minimize your liabilities.

money skills that develop financial literacy

Personal Finance Literacy – Five years or twenty-five years to go until retirement – there are things you can do to help ensure that your financial future is at least somewhat predictable. Executing a sound financial plan right away is fundamental in making sure that you’ll have money when it’s actually needed. Precious metals are part of a balanced portfolio.

The world’s richest people hold large amounts of assets in gold. And for good reason. Gold retains its value regardless of what paper money does. If your 401k plan is backed by something besides gold, research your options as soon as you can.


Part of becoming financially literate is learning how to diversify your portfolio. If you want to take advantage of some of today’s best investments, then consider owning some precious metals like gold and silver. Comparing gold and precious metals IRA companies is imperative in today’s volatile financial environment. Today’s investors have a variety of options available to help them plan for the future. Learning about and implementing sound investment strategies is key to securing peace of mind, and a comfortable future for yourself and your family.

In 2007, the stock market took a deep plunge and millions of people lost millions of dollars. In a way, for most people, the stock market is a little like gambling. Or, maybe it’s a lot like gambling. People like Warren Buffet got to where they are over a long period of time and by understanding the risks. He studied businesses and how they related to the market. I’m not preaching against the stock market, just that we need to understand any investment we make, and not just blindly follow “the herd”.

Financial Planning For Tomorrow. Today.

Learn to shape your own future. Secure a handle on budget management, your IRA investments, and plan for your future. You are creating your own path. If you need it, get educated in areas that aren’t clear to you. We can provide you with suggestions to get you on track and help you to stay there. Continued education on how the financial world really works may be your best ongoing investment ever. Create a plan and stick to it.

teach your kids about money nowTeaching Your Kids The Right Things About Money

Today’s financial landscape is wacky at best. Knowing what to teach your kids is the tricky part. financial literacy means something different than it did only a few short years ago.

Teaching them to invest, save, and generate revenue (like working or building a business) is at the top of my list. Maintaining a good credit score is important. Some things are still the same, like saving an emergency fund or learning about retiring with dignity. Some things change so fast we have little or no idea what happened until it’s all over (like the sub-prime lending fiasco).

Keep with the basics and keep learning. It’s a matter of your financial future and our children’s futures.

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