Developing An Entrepreneurial Mindset

The Mindset That Says “I Will Never Quit”

In this article, we’ll be discussing why you should be nurturing your mind and your attitudes. Working a job for a living is tough but a life that many of us have to live…or so we thought. In fact, there is another way: the way of the entrepreneur.

You know what? being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone. Not everyone has the personal discipline or the stamina you need through tough times to succeed. Many do but not everyone does. Sadly, some people are just -well- quitters. Quitting is also a mindset. The trick is recognizing when you feel like quitting and then doing something else.

You Have To Begin To Take Action

You understand the unappealing concept of exchanging time for money in a regular job and you understand the liberating concept of passive income. You want it, you need it but do you have the character to actually achieve it? As you read this, I suspect that you do.

What are those characteristics? You will need to be determined to succeed. You will need to want it, really want it, not just think “Oh it would be nice to have lots of money.” Specific ideas that are formed around specific plans of action are required. You need to think beyond your emergency fund.

Dreaming Won’t Make You Successful

Without taking action you will never succeed. You’ll never get anywhere and you’ll never be able to “fire” your boss.

Why Do You Want To Be Wealthy?

business mindsetYou need to remember why you are striving for financial freedom and developing self-generated income in the first place. Often, just doing it for the sake of it isn’t a big enough motivating factor to keep you on task when the going gets tough. When you get tired or frustrated, suffering pangs of self-doubt and you’d rather just watch television, what’s going to keep you motivated and carrying on in your quest for financial freedom?

It’s probably the knowledge that you will start to make so much money that you can hold your head up high in front of your family and friends. It’s probably the idea that you can choose when you spend time with your children, family, and friends. Is it the desire to travel? Is it the desire to drive a nice car? Success begins and ends as a mindset.

If someone were to come into your bedroom at 3 in the morning, throw a bucket of water at you, and ask you “Why are you trying to make money?” you need to be able to say exactly what your reasons are without hesitation!

Be Clear In Your Motivations

mindsetSo decide what your motivations are, then write them down and pin them to your wall. You must clearly know why you are going to all this effort to be a success. Make sure that you do.

You have now consolidated your own millionaire mindset and know your reasons for wanting to generate your own income and get out of the rat race. Your motivation is strong and you are at the beginning of being well placed to start accumulating your own idea of wealth.

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