credit repair vs rebuilding credit

Credit Repair vs. Credit Rebuilding

When we think of “fixing” our credit, we usually think of the term “Credit Repair”. Virtually every credit repair company executes methods for eliminating bad remarks on your credit report. They typically go about sending dispute letters without regard for whether or not the remarks are valid or invalid, or what kind of impact the…

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success formula

How Do You Really Attract Success In Life?

Is There A Success Formula? Is there a single success formula for having, doing, or being what you truly want? Look, there are probably many formulas…but…attract success? Read on… Long term friends who’ve watched me achieve success in several areas — writing, speaking, movies, music, fitness, and more — say my formula for attracting and…

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Financial Literacy In Today’s World

Personal Financial Literacy Today’s market is harder to navigate than ever, and financial literacy seems to mean something different practically every day. People looking to create a source of income for retirement or even daily life cannot merely rely on advisers to make it through the process of investing for the future. Instead, investors should strive to…

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Palces you can hide your emergency fund

Where To Stash Your Emergency Fund

Do you have an emergency fund set up yet? If not, you need to start saving cash right away! For many people, they simply choose, by default, to use a credit card “for life’s little emergencies”. This is debt perpetuation! A great place to begin, is to get $1000.00 saved up for an emergency fund…

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irs approved gold

What Is A Gold Backed IRA?

The Popularity Of Gold There are many types of retirement investment programs available and having a precious metals option makes setting up your IRA much more appealing. Gold backed IRA’s are becoming very popular lately due to the decrease in confidence in the dollar, inflation and other factors. The IRS allows specific types of IRAs…

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